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Through our "Blink" mortgage application portal, your mortgage application will be processed in a blink of an eye, and we will deliver rates, terms, and products, much more competitive than the big banks!

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All the information that you provide will be kept private, secure, and encrypted throughout the entire loan process. If at any time you have questions for your loan officer, you can click their picture icon on the top left corner to see their contact information. With your permission they can login and co-browse the entire process with you. For additional security measures, you will be asked to identify some personal information.
Your bank and asset data is important to the loan application. To save you time from having to gather account information and make copies of your bank statements, you can digitally import your bank data right from "Blink". This step is optional, and you are able to skip it if desired. Fill in your income and any housing expenses, provide employment history, then add your assets (if you skipped the automation). Once complete, you are able to order your credit scores. Complete your declarations and select accordingly. Finally, review your application and submit for review. Congratulations,you just completed your digital application!

Your loan officer will be notified that your application has been completed. Once they review your file, you will be sent an email to review and sign your initial disclosures within your portal. Once you answer the security questions, you will review the disclosures and begin the e-signing process.When you are done, you will be directed to your dash board. On this page, you will be able to upload documents, track the status of your loan, and communicate with your loan officer. On the right side of the screen, you will be able to see the status of your loan, as well as high level information of your file. To upload a document, you simply click "upload" from the file you wish to add, select the corresponding documentation, and click upload file. If you have any questions for your loan officer, click the "messages" tab, your loan officer will be notified to login and assist you. You can also send your loan officer an email by clicking their picture in the top left corner, and selecting their email address. 

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